“Adultolescence” – Exposing The Epidemic of Prolonged Adolescence

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We have a growing epidemic in our country of young men refusing to grow up to become grown men. We have coined the name “adolescence” in order to describe the period in a male’s life between childhood and manhood. Adolescence, however, is a more recent “stage” in life than most realize. If you look at human history in societies around the world, you’ll realize that “adolescence” is a modern, western invention that has proven to be detrimental to the state of our society.

We now have a bunch of confused grown boys who don’t know what it means to be a man, and a bunch of confused grown girls who coddle them in their irresponsibility and immaturity. These “adultolescences” are now caught between adolescence and adulthood. In decades past, the distinction was clear: boys had their important decisions made for them while the men would be responsible to make the important decisions based on the examples he learned growing up as a boy. Once a boy was inducted into manhood (which was typically done by another man publicly affirming him as a man), it was clear that he was now responsible for making wise, responsible decisions that would effect other people.

However, today, the lines of distinction have been blurred because of this new stage – “adolescence”. Basically, adolescence is where a boy, who previously had all his important decisions made for him, now becomes old enough to experiment by making stupid decisions that effect other people, but it’s okay because his parents would clean up after him. Because of this new stage, it is no longer necessary to be inducted into manhood by being affirmed by another man… instead, we’ll just set an age limit… like 18 years old… or sometimes 21…

Other than age (or social rites such as: the ability to legally drink, join the military, gamble, or reproduce) the adultolescent doesn’t really know what distinguishes boys from men. The consequence is a culture filled with bearded boys who have no goals, no ambition, no responsibility, no desire for responsibility, no discipline, no feeling of indebtedness to society, no understanding of the importance of the institution of the family, no moral obligation, and an entitlement mentality that says “society owes me”. Not only that, but many of them rely on stronger, ignorant women who pet them in their self pity making them feel better about their lack of fulfillment of being a man.

Boys, my indictment to you is this… MAN UP!

Get a job.
Work hard.
Stop complaining.
Put the bottle down.
Read a book.
Support a cause.
Help the needy.
Find a woman and treat her right.
Have children and raise them right.
Find other adultolescences, and disciple them into manhood.

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