Boil for Jesus, Serving Jesus

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Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord.
— Romans 12:11

“Zeal” is another word for enthusiasm. “Fervor” in the original language means “boiling”. It literally says “be boiling in spirit, serving the Lord”.

Reread this verse and ask yourself: is this saying that you need to serve the Lord and be enthusiastic about it; or is it saying that when you serve the Lord you become zealous and fervent in spirit?

I used to think that it meant “serve God, and do it with enthusiasm”, which left me with the question “how do I get enthusiastic about serving God?” However, the word “serving” is a present tense verb meaning “as you are committing the act of service”.

I believe that this verse is commanding us to be passionate and enthusiastic in our Spirit, and it’s also telling us how to do that – by “serving the Lord”.

Do you feel dry? Do you feel like you are lacking zeal? Do you feel like you’ve lost the spiritual fervor you once had? If so, then serve God!

Think about ways that you can use the talents, gifting, resources and people that God has given to you to serve Him. Make a conscious decision to serve God today, trusting that in doing so your spirit will never be lacking in zeal and you will keep your spiritual fervor.

Heavenly Father, make clear to me areas in my life that I can serve you in right now. I pray that in doing so, you will create red hot boiling passion in my spirit, and that I will not be lacking in zeal. In Jesus’ Name I pray, AMEN!

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