Coexist… is it possible?

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When justice is done, it brings joy to the righteous but terror to evildoers.
— Proverbs 21:15

When a guilty criminal stands before a corrupt judge, there is no fear in him because the judge could be bribed. However when the criminal stands before a good judge, he has every right to fear, because he knows that the judge will sentence him justly.

One of the popular themes of our culture today is the universal tolerance and acceptance of all beliefs, opinions, practices and religions; or AKA, “intolerance of the intolerant”. Though on the surface it seems like a nice notion, it is unrealistic when applied to real life. We cannot, and should not tolerate opinions and practices that impose on issues of morality and/or the sanctity of human life. Most people say we need to “coexist” when they are confronted with the judgment of their own issues of morality. When true justice (God’s justice) is exercised, the righteous are joyful, but the one’s practicing or approving of the evil put up a shield of defense called tolerance.

Don’t be afraid to stand up for issues of morality. Do not be alarmed when the unjust call you intolerant. Reach out with compassion and love, yet resist the agenda with the power and love of the gospel. Thank God that his justice against our evil was demonstrated on Christ rather than on us!

Heavenly Father, I pray for the strength to resist those issues that impose on your righteous standard, and the grace to do so with love and compassion. I thank you for your justice being laid on Christ in my place, and pray that those who practice or approve of evil would in the end experience the same joy. In Jesus’ Name I pray, AMEN!

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