Day Dreaming on the Plane:

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On the airplane coming home from the Philippines, I looked out the window and saw the unending landscape of hills and mountains. When you are that high up, the world seems pretty huge. It amazed me to think about how God created something as vast as the world (which is a speck of dust when compared to the universe). The shape of the mountains got me thinking about how God shaped and molded every hill and crevasse, every peak and valley. They were huge! I know God spoke everything into existence, but I was imaging gigantic hands coming out of the sky brushing against the dirt and rocks and piling them into gargantuan mountains too high for anyone to climb; then digging out huge valleys and shaping the hills.

Then I started to think about how God not only created the gigantic mountains, but he also created every single blade of grass that covered those mountains. He created every tiny bug that would rest on each blade of grass.

It all reminded me of how God is not only the awesome creator who made everything, but He is also the intimate Father who knows how many hairs are on my head. The same God that created the universe knows me by name, and loves me enough to die for me. Man, all of that just from a glance out the window on a plane! I wish I walked around everyday noticing things that remind me of the glory of God.

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