How to Write and Make Tracts

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Making the Content:
If you are going to make your own tracts, it’s important to write them well.  A well-written tract is one that delivers the gospel in a way people will read.  Here are some suggestions:
·         Have an eye catching cover.  I’ve found that when I use art, or well laid out graphics on tracts, people tend to be more open to receiving them.
·         Have an attention grabbing title.  Unfortunately, people do judge a book (or a tract) by its cover.  It’s helpful to have a curiosity-piquing title that makes people want to see what’s written inside. 
·         Keep it short.  It’s possible to say a lot using only a few words.  Try to convey your main idea while avoiding unnecessary details.  My tracts our a little longer than typical tracts, as I use anywhere from 800-1100 words per tract. 
·         Preach the gospel.  This should be a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised at the amount of gospel tracts that exist that don’t even have the gospel message inside.  Key points to cover include: God’s justice (the law), man’s sinfulness, the cross, and salvation through faith and repentance. 
·         Use scripture.  Don’t just tell the gospel in your own words – use the Word of God to do its job.
·         Offer follow-up.  Don’t give people the gospel, and then leave them hanging.  Make sure your tract has some type of resource or contact info that the reader can refer to if and when they have questions, or need follow up or prayer.  If you aren’t comfortable giving your contact information, ask your church or another ministry if you could use their contact information on your tracts. 
Formatting, Printing, Folding, and Cutting:
This is just a matter of preference.  Typically, I make my tracts using Microsoft Publisher.  I usually make a tri-fold template, and divide it in half horizontally (so basically, it’s a trifold cut in half).  One 8.5” X 11” piece of printer paper makes two tracts. 
You would need to make your trifold double sided (having content on both the front and the back).
The front side of your trifold contains the two front covers on the far right, the back covers in the middle, and the last (4th) columns of content on the far left.
The back side of your trifold contains the first 3 columns of content (one column per fold).
When you format your tract correctly, you can either send it to a printing company (www.gotprint.comis a cost effective resource) or you can print them yourself; however, make sure you print both sides correctly (you don’t want one side upside-down!). 
Also, if you print them yourself, it’s important to cut them right in the middle (4.25”).  A paper cutter is the best way to go. 

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