Let sinners turn to you

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[God speaking to Jeremiah] “…let this people turn to you, but you must not turn to them.”
— Jeremiah 15:19

Jeremiah faithfully preached a hard message of judgment and repentance for about 34 years to a rebellious, backslidden people. He wanted more than anything to see God’s people turn back to God; however God wanted Jeremiah to remain separate from the culture. I fear that the American church at large has “turned to the people” rather than preaching the gospel and letting the people turn to us. A lot of Christians think that we must become the culture to win the culture; however, many times it is at the expense of losing our identity as God’s set apart ones. We are commanded to make disciples of all nations, not to assimilate into the culture of all nations.

Do not try to win the culture by assimilating into the culture. Maintain the identity of one who is set apart unto God. Let this people turn to you, but do not turn to them.

Heavenly Father, help me go against the grain of the culture that I live in. Help me maintain my identity as your set apart child. I pray Lord that you would give me the courage to faithfully proclaim your message to my culture without assimilating. In Jesus’ Name I pray, AMEN!

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