My 27th Birthday Reflection

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Man, I wish I could personally reply to every “Happy Birthday” post I got today, but if I did, I’d be up all night.  I’m truly grateful for all the friends and loved ones I have. 

Earlier today, I was reflecting on all the blessings I have.  At 10am I was walking to the grill to fire it up for my dad to cook steak and eggs, and I already had about 25 birthday wishes, I had my beautiful family waiting for me in my nice house, and I was overwhelmed.  I thought, “God, there are people around the world that are MORE devoted to you than I am, and they don’t even have a fraction of all that I have materially”. 

All of the blessings I have make absolutely no sense outside of the grace and mercy of God.  And while I was pondering as to WHY I was so blessed, I feel like God was reminding me that it wasn’t because of my “great devotion” or anything, but rather because he wants me to be a conduit of blessing to others. 
So today, on my 27th birthday, I can say that I’m truly grateful for all of the blessings I have – and my prayer is that I don’t get so used to them to the point where I feel like I’m entitled to anything I’ve been given.  I’m thankful that I don’t have what I deserve – instead, I have grace.  I pray that I would remember to use all that God’s given me for His glory, and not my own.  I pray that my joy would be complete in including others in my joy in Him. 
Thank you all for the birthday wishes.  God bless, and I love you all.  J

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