Sacrificing Our Children to Molech

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The other day I was thinking about how in the Old Testament, the Israelites would backslide and worship other gods, even to the point of offering their own children as sacrifices to Molech, burning them in the fire. I thought “how in the world could that ever cross anyone’s mind as being a good idea?” How depraved would you have to be to kill your own child? I thought of how impossible it would be for me to look in Chase’s eyes, and then gladly toss him in the fire. I didn’t understand how a society could be so far from God that it would be normal and socially acceptable to kill children.

As I was thinking about this, I took a long hard glance into our own American society and thought about how ridiculous it is that I actually have to try and persuade people about how abortion is murder. I thought about how easy it is for people to be “pro-choice”, and how socially acceptable it is to kill a baby in it’s mother’s womb. I was thinking about how many of my friends I personally know who have had abortions, and are completely okay with it – as if nothing happened.

It’s crazy to think about how some people would get angry if they read this because I have the audacity to call abortion an act of murder.

God help us.

If by God’s providence I have FB friend that is considering abortion reading this, I beg you… DON’T! Please! There are other options if you can’t take care of a child. There are several well-fit parents who would love to take the responsibility of parenthood. Msg me and I’ll give you contacts to resources.

If you are a friend or family member who has had an abortion, I don’t mean to make you FEEL guilty… however, the fact is, you ARE guilty. Abortion is murder. It’s killing your own child, and God hates it. You can take that guilt and get angry with me… or you can take that guilt and repent – giving it to Christ who is more than willing to take it from you and forgive you and wash you.

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