Street Light Preaching

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If you ever want to try street light preaching, this video may be helpful. My boy Chris Bean and I in Tulare with the megaphone. You can’t hear the 30 second sermons very good, but the people at the light did.

Good afternoon everyone, PLEASE DRIVE SAFELY!  There are 110 car related deaths everyday in America.  That’s over 40,000 car related deaths per year!

God forbid that it happens to you, however you need to ask yourself, IF it DID happen, where would you spend eternity?  You see, whether we die today in a car, or we die 50 years from now in our death beds, we are ALL going to give an account for the lives we lived before God, and that’s bad news because we’ve all fallen short of His standard and deserve His wrath.

But the good news is that 2000 years ago, He sent His son to die on a cross, taking the punishment that you deserved on Himself.  If you repent and put your faith in Him, He’ll forgive everything you’ve ever done, and treat you as if you lived His life.

Please think about that folks, and drive safely!

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