The Fire of God

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…for our God is a consuming fire
—Hebrews 12:29

you notice that it didn’t say “our God is fluffy and passive” or “our God is okay with luke-warmness”. It says “our God is a consuming fire”! Fire is used for several things, including illumination, destruction and purification. At the point of salvation, God illuminates the problem of sin, purifies the sinner’s soul, and destroys the work the enemy in his life. At the point of eternal judgment, the illumination of God’s fire exposes those who are not truly His, purifies the earth of all wickedness, and destroys His enemies.

Let the Fire of God consume your sins and not your souls! Allow His fire to illuminate areas in your life that you need to turn from. Be willing to have His fire purify you from all ungodliness. When He does this, thank Him for destroying the work of the enemy against your life.

Heavenly Father, you are a consuming fire! I pray that you expose areas in my life that I need to turn from, purify me from anything that is unclean, and destroy the work of the enemy against me. In Jesus’ Name I pray, AMEN!

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