Will You Blame God, or Your Faith?

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And He did not do many miracles there because of their lack of faith.
— Matthew 13:58

It is interesting that the verse doesn’t say that Jesus didn’t do any miracles “because He wasn’t willing”, or “because of God’s mysterious sovereign will”; but instead it says “because of THEIR lack of faith”. Most times when we don’t see the results that we want, we shift the blame on God, but Jesus placed the responsibility on us. He has spoken clearly in His word what His will is: that ALL would be saved, healed and delivered. It is up to us to receive it by faith.

When your life isn’t matching God’s word, quit blaming God and check your faith. Remove those things which would hinder your faith (sin, doubt, unbelieving influences, etc.) and take God at His word!

Heavenly Father, I thank you for your established will. I thank you that it is no mystery of the good things that you want for me. I thank you that I can come to you with boldness and take you at your word. When my life doesn’t match your word, reveal to me the reasons why so that I can come into agreement with you through faith. In Jesus’ Name I pray, AMEN!

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